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1./ The Greek Economy 1940-2004.  by Mark Dragoumis.  £6.95

2./ The Competitiveness of the Greek Economy 2004-2008. by Robert McDonald. £9.64

3./ The Competitiveness of the Greek Economy 2005.  by Robert McDonald.  £8.99

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DSC01826 - Version 21./ The Greek Economy 1940-2004 Author: Mark Dragoumis ISBN: 960-86395-6-5 Pages 116 Price £6.95

Greece’s economic history reflects the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune that have bedevilled the country ever since it became independent in 1832. The road to development has been full of pitfalls such as coups, one fully fledged civil war, several Balkan wars, two World Wars, one devastating occupation, one global crisis, and two outright bankruptcies.

These have endowed Greeks with a sense of insecurity of varying intensity. This has led to a deep-rooted conservatism in national economic planning and deep-seated protectionism on the part of industry and workers. The result is an inflexibility in the face of changing market demands that has, for many years, prevented liberalisation and reform. Mark Dragoumis has been observing Greek affairs both from inside the government and as a journalist since the 1940s. His informative and compelling account explains economic developments in the light of political ones.


By Robert McDonald ISBN: 978-960-89200-5-7  Pages 202 Price £9.64

Robert McDonald’s book is a comprehensive survey of efforts in the Greek public and private sectors to modernise. It records the country’s legislative efforts to harmonise business, labour and education practices with the rest of the European Union and keep up with the globalised marketplace. It draws on interviews with lawmakers, the executive and businesspeople to interpret the effectiveness of those efforts. The survey is broken down into the following chapters:  Economic environment, International rankings, Economic policy, Investment promotion, Administrative reform, Public enterprises and entities, Entrepreneurship, Labour, Education, Liberalisation, Privatisation.


By Robert McDonald   ISBN: 960-86395-7-3 Pages 136  Price £8.99

The Competitiveness of the Greek Economy is the first comprehensive survey of efforts in the Greek public and private sectors to modernise. It draws on interviews with lawmakers, the executive and businesspeople to record their progress across a 20-year period in drafting and implementing laws that harmonise Greece with the rest of the EU and the globalised marketplace. When the survey was first published in 2004, Minister of Development Dimitris Sioufas had it distributed to the members of the newly formed National Council of Competitiveness and Development as required reading. This edition was updated with an Introduction to include developments in the first half of 2005. The aim of the survey is to appear in updated form once a year. The survey is broken into the following chapters: Legislation, Bureaucracy, Taxation, Corruption, Labour Education, Liberalisation, Telecommunications, Energy, Privatisation.

ROBERT MACDONALD is a freelance writer and broadcaster based in London who has specialised in matters Greek for 40 years. He currently is the contributor of the Economist Intelligence Unit’s quarterly “Country Report: Greece” and the author of Kerkyra Publication’s quarterly “Business File” He is also the author of several books and monographs on Greece and Cyprus including, among others, “Pillar & Tinderbox: the Greek Press and the Dictatorship,” written for Writers and Scholars Education Trust; “The Problem of Cyprus,” written for the International Institute of Strategic Studies; and “Greece in the 1990’s, Taking its place in Europe,” written for the Economist Intelligence Unit. He is an occasional lecturer in the UK and Greece on Greek and Cypriot affairs and an occasional teacher in countries of the Commonwealth on behalf of the Commonwealth Journalists’ Association.
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